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Interpret your genetics with a dnalife test + online consultation

We’re offering Interpreting Your Genetics delegates the chance to test their DNA and have their results interpreted by one of our dnalife accredited practitioners, via an online consultation.

Test your dna and understand what it means for your health and lifestyle.

We are offering each of our 4 main tests accompanied by a skype consultation at a discounted rate to summit delegates.

You can buy a single test and consultation.

Or a package of all 4 tests each with a supporting consultation.

About dnalife

Global leaders in nutrigenomic testing

Supporting practitioners. Supporting patients. 

dnalife was one of the first companies in the world to offer nutrigenomic testing to clinical, nutritional and functional practitioners. Our test reports are designed to focus on key genetic areas relevant to particular functional requirements enabling the practitioner to focus on areas supported by robust research findings rather than having to interpret the entire gene sequence. We believe that DNA testing should be delivered via practitioners who are able to interpret the significance of the results. We support our test portfolio with in depth training support and accreditation for participating practitioners. More and more practitioners around the world have gained accreditation through our international courses or online training. dnalife accredited practitioners now help support the delivery of tests to patients either individually or in conjunction with their own practitioner via skype based consultations.

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