dnalife Genetic Education

Genetic testing and nutrigenomics are the future of individualised healthcare and, although reliable genetic testing is now readily available for clinical use, genetics is still a relatively new clinical tool. Until recently, healthcare practitioners have been left to educate themselves in this exciting area of clinical science, by simply picking up information where they can. It is for this reason that dnalife offers structured learning programs and continued education support in the field of nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics.

Having the scientific knowledge to translate DNA test results into practical nutritional and lifestyle solutions is essential for the responsible integration of DNA testing into healthcare practice. We therefore require certification before healthcare providers are able incorporate our genetic tests into their clinic. dnalife is dedicated to providing healthcare practitioners with training and education to allow for accurate and useful interpretation of genetic results.

dnalife Certification Workshops

The dnalife Certification workshops are held on a regular basis and, with our global footprint, dnalife gives practitioners opportunity anywhere in the world to attend the workshops. The dnalife certification workshops provide a comprehensive review of the four DNA profiles, as well as the inclusion and discussion of cases in each profile. Your highly experienced lecturer will discuss the biochemical pathways involved in each test, and highlight the genes that impact these pathways.

What will you learn?

After the workshop you should be equipped with the knowledge to use the 4 genetic profiles; dna health, dna diet, dna sport and dna oestrogen in practice.

Each gene in the different 4 profiles will be reviewed and healthcare practitioners will get insight to the relevant biochemistry and possible lifestyle interventions that may be required to optimize patient treatment and outcomes based on genotype.


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dnalife Continuing Education

For Registered Healthcare Practitioners

In addition to our certification courses, dnalife offers continuing education courses to support practitioners to keep up-to-date with the latest in clinically relevant news in the world of genetics in healthcare. Regularly run webinars are also available to healthcare practitioners to keep their knowledge up to date, and for those who are interested in getting a more in depth understanding of each test and its clinical utility. Please review our calendar for more information on these events. We currently run courses on concept and application of pairing functional and genetic testing. A powerful combination that provides deep clinical insight – This concept gives us a glimpse of the clinical tools of the future, which available to registered practitioners today. If you have any questions regarding our training options, please let us know.