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The dnalife® brand was established as a result of recognising the importance of precision medicine and the crucial role of highly educated practitioners. Our goal is to make this science readily accessible to every clinical practice while recognising the complexities
that surround DNA and functional testing.

We believe that genetic testing should always be considered in the context of a broader examination. For that reason, our tests are available exclusively through appropriately trained practitioners. Additionally, we incorporated functional laboratory testing so you can have the holistic view that is required to provide truly personalized healthcare to your patients.

Collaborating with a shared vision for the future, Nordic Laboratories and DNAlysis Biotechnology created dnalife®, a global provider of genetic and test pairing, innovation and education. With these tests and our proven professional experience, practitioners can provide personalised and actionable health plans.


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About Us

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Our network of highly educated Health Professionals sees Health as a positive vitality (not only absence of disease), while considering a comprehensive approach by looking at patients’ system biology.

Additionally, it is an International community as we have Practitioners over 35 countries and clients on 70 countries with a total of 100 000 registered accounts.

Once you are part of it, you will have access to the most advanced tools; quality check of laboratories & supplements; support on logistics for worldwide clients; reports in several languages; education from a clinical perspective.

About Us

Our commitment

dnalife is continuously bringing the most advanced, accurate and clinically relevant tests (genetic and functional laboratory tests), to support our Practitioners on their successful personalized medicine approach.