DNA Core® is a genetic test that reports on gene variants that impact key biological processes governing health and disease, an individual’s responsiveness to macro- and micronutrient intake to avoid insufficiencies and provides insights into eating behaviour and exercise requirements to support weight management outcomes and athletic performance potential.

Clinical value

DNACore is the starting point on your journey of personalised health and wellbeing. DNA Core provides specific tailor-made recommendations for the core components of any health strategy: weight management, exercise strategies, targeted diet and lifestyle interventions and appropriate nutraceuticals required to support and optimise your everyday functioning. Implementing these core components allows for improved longevity and decreasing risk of chronic disease.

The report provides

DNA Core reports on four key areas: Biological processes, nutrition, weight management, and exercise response.
The report has been designed in such a way that supports both the health care professional and the patient in digesting the complexity of information often encountered with genetic testing.
The test insights and recommendations pages are described with user-friendly iconography and graphics, together with consumer-friendly language – simplifying the messaging without taking away from the value of the science.

Assessment of

The DNA Core test includes all gene variants analysed in DNA Health, DNA Diet, and DNA Sport, in one user-friendly report.